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    Kate Ebner Partners with The Performance Institute

    Kate Ebner, Founding Director of the Institute for Transformational Leadership at Georgetown University and founder of The Nebo Company, will participate on Thursday, March 8th in a collaborative research-based Executive Briefing on Workforce Optimization in the federal government in partnership with The Performance Institute. This session will focus on needed strategies for human capital planning and performance management with emphasis on effective responses to major changes and methods for accelerating the achievement of mission goals and optimum results.

    Kate and leaders from Suntiva, Hany Malik and Wendy Myers, will present case studies and insights about transformational leadership.  Kate will provide an overview of principles of transformational leadership.

    Learn more about this town hall event on Workforce Performance Optimization: Human Capital Planning at The Performance Institute.

    Learn more about how Nebo is transforming organizations.

    Photo by Ethan Weil on Unsplash.


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