“The work we did in partnership with Nebo had a permanent impact and remains a driving force and a polestar for our subsequent development as an organization.”

Andrew Kutt
Founder & Head of School
Oneness-Family Montessori School

Building Organizational Sustainability and Meaningful Growth

Oneness-Family School (OFS) is a private international Montessori School in the DC-Metro region that fosters the growth of the whole person, encompassing physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development. OFS sought a partner to help them transform from an “organically grown”, founder-led school to a sustainable model institution led by an experienced team of senior leaders and master teachers.

Nebo worked closely with Executive Director Andrew Kutt and his team in a multi-stage process development a strategic vision and plan for the School, while simultaneously strengthening the systems, processes and policies of the School. Nebo helped to deepen the leadership capabilities of the organization’s academic and functional leaders and supported the organization in translating the vision into reality.

Articulating a Shared Vision
Nebo facilitated creation of a compelling, aspirational and yet attainable vision for the School with input from all constituents – faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and board members. Using our proven three-step process, we helped to bring the community together with a shared commitment to the future.

Building Leadership Capacity
Nebo provided one-on-one and team coaching as well as strategic advising to the Head of the School, the Board and to members of the administrative leadership team. We worked in close partnership to support a lasting shift from reactive management to forward-looking and steady progress.

Developing the Organization
Nebo worked closely with the Executive Director to help expand and develop the Board of Directors to govern the School. Nebo also collaborated with the leadership team to define the practices, communication strategies and behaviors that would lead to effective and aligned School management and faculty and a consistent outstanding experience for students and families.

Making the Vision Real
Once the Board approved the strategic plan, Nebo engaged with faculty, staff and parents to help the community integrate the vision and the plan into the work of all departments, programs, and initiatives.

The Oneness-Family School changed from a founder-led and visionary organization to a school that demonstrates best practices in leadership and education. Success no longer relied upon the strengths of individual faculty and staff contributors. Faculty and staff learned how to create a vision, define a plan, and then work effectively together to lead outcomes that produce a distinctive, mission-inspired experience for students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff, while continuing to manage daily operations with efficiency, focus and alignment. Today, Oneness Family School continues its growth with the opening of its new high school.

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