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    Kate Ebner Speaking at the 2018 PDI Conference

    On Thursday, November 29, CEO of The Nebo Company, Kate Ebner, is speaking at the Professional Development Institute’s annual conference. Kate will be addressing the important topic of sponsorship in the #metoo era. Please read the program description below and visit PDI’s website for more information and to register!

    #SponsorHer: Navigating Sponsorship in the Wake of #MeToo

    We all know the critical role sponsorship plays in the advancement of women and lawyers of color. Successful sponsorship initiatives broaden visibility, accelerate key development opportunities, and promote access to critical relationships across business. But a recent survey exposed the troubling statistic that the number of male managers who report feeling uncomfortable mentoring women, socializing with them, or working alone with them, has nearly tripled in the wake of #MeToo. When the majority of senior leaders in the legal industry are men, how do we ensure that the rise of the #MeToo movement is not inhibiting the development of those critical sponsorship relationships? Panelists will share their experiences and best practices for creating and participating in a successful, sustained law firm sponsorship initiative, and share their thoughts on ways to ensure that fears of #MeToo don’t derail our efforts to develop and advance the pipeline of diverse and female attorneys.

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