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Smart Strategies for the Virtual Workplace Webinar Series

We are living, leading, and working in unprecedented times. Our clients have asked us an important question: “How do we keep working on our most important priorities and do our part to protect the most vulnerable?”

We share our perspective in our Smart Strategies for the Virtual Workplace webinar series. Drawing on 16 years of experience in supporting organizations, senior leaders, and leadership teams, this series offers strategies to refocus, redefine and rethink how work gets done in the virtual workplace. We will examine strategies for connection, teamwork,  trust, resilience and productivity that can strengthen culture and commitment.

Designed for CEOs, HR and L&D leaders, and team leaders, we offer a set of four complementary 45-minute webinars over the next five weeks. Please join us for all four or for those that appeal most to you. Topics include:

  • Webinar 1: Social Distance, Emotional Connection
  • Webinar 2: Scaffolding the New Virtual Workplace
  • Webinar 3: Chief Resilience Officer (You)
  • Webinar 4: Insider’s Guide to Leading in Uncertain Times

See webinar descriptions and registration below.

Webinar 1: Social Distance, Emotional Connection // Friday, March 27 @ 12:15pm

Social distancing is the recommended strategy for slowing the spread of Covid-19.  As employers shift to remote work, how can they intentionally reduce isolation, provide connection and community and even strengthen culture with a virtual workforce? Join host Kate Ebner for insights “from the field” and discussion with peers about what works best.

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Webinar 2: Scaffolding the New Virtual Workplace // Friday, April 3 @ 12:15pm

As we rapidly adopt remote work at unprecedented scale, which technologies and new patterns of communicating and collaborating can boost morale and productivity? What does a week in the life of a virtual workforce look and feel like? Margo Street hosts a session dedicated to sharing resources, identifying common breakdowns and naming the solutions that, taken together, can fortify culture and enable an adaptive, resilient organization.

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Webinar 3: Chief Resilience Officer (You) // Friday, April 24 @ 12:15pm

Uncertain times require foresight, perspective, perseverance, pragmatism, optimism and so much more. If, in addition to your usual workload, you find yourself stepping up to find solutions, support colleagues and blaze the path forward, then join us for a webcast dedicated to guidance to help you nourish resilience in yourself and others.

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Webinar 4: Insider’s Guide to Leading in Uncertain Times // Friday, May 8 @ 12:15pm

Leaders have been talking about the accelerated pace of change and challenge of navigating complexity. Current events have added uncertainty and, with it, fear. This webcast will help you identify the change leadership concepts that are most meaningful and relevant in 2020. Host Steve Kullback will link key concepts about great leadership with case examples that help you see your way through the thicket.

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