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    Webinar Series: Developing Transformational Leaders for the 2020s

    In a world that has been significantly reshaped by the challenges of the 2020s, the need for transformational leadership has become more critical than ever. This free webinar series offers a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of leadership in this era of complexity, rapid change, and hybrid work environments. Led by renowned leadership expert Kate Ebner, CEO and Founder of The Nebo Company and executive coach, these webinars delve into key aspects of transformational leadership development, onboarding coaching, and talent retention to equip organizations with strategies to thrive.

    Designed for CEOs, CPOs, HR and L&D leaders, we offer a set of three complimentary 45-minute webinars. All webinars will be recorded and shared with registrants after the sessions. 

    Webinar 1: Onboarding New Leaders in Today’s Fast-Moving Workplace

    August 22nd, 12pm – 12:45pm ET


    Senior leadership transitions are taking place in many organizations this summer as veteran leaders retire or step aside after leading their organizations through the intensive pandemic years. When a new leader steps up or comes aboard, however, successful transition is far from guaranteed. In fact, research shows that almost 50% of new executives fail or leave the organization within 18 months, impacting your organization’s bottom line, morale and momentum. What happens –  or doesn’t happen –  during onboarding has a great impact on a new leader’s assimilation and success. 

    Join CEO and Founder of The Nebo Company Kate Ebner, to learn how Onboarding Coaching dramatically improves the integration of a new leader within the organization and with their team. Kate will talk about the pitfalls of leadership transitions and how Onboarding Coaching can help a new leader in the first crucial months on the job. 


    • Insight about 2023 trends related to leadership transitions 
    • Outline of the features of a strong onboarding program
    • Guidelines for how to evaluate the success of your onboarding program for a key leader
    • How to use Onboarding Coaching as a key strategy in your approach

    Webinar 2: What’s Changed About Developing Leaders Since 2020 

    September 12, 12pm – 12:45pm ET


    Old models of leadership are no longer sufficient to develop leaders who can navigate today’s unprecedented complexity, pace, and pressures. Is your approach to developing talented leaders staying apace with the times?

    The Nebo Company has tested and defined a new framework for modern leaders – a simple, powerful model that brings together key concepts leading to personal and organizational transformation. The Transformational Leadership Framework draws upon research, including principles of adult development, emotional intelligence, and systems thinking. This framework enables today’s leaders to clarify, commit and focus on the personal and professional growth needed to succeed.

    Join Nebo’s CEO and Founder Kate Ebner, as she introduces key distinctions about leading in the 21st century, drawing upon observations and examples from inside Nebo’s work. This webinar will feature the four domains of the Transformational Leadership Framework, linking new thinking about leading change with real life case studies.


    • Important distinctions about how leading in 2023+ is different than pre-pandemic leadership requirements
    • Introduction to Nebo’s Transformational Leadership Framework and how to use it to update your approach to leader development
    • A resource guide for preparing leaders to navigate – and even thrive – in complexity

    Webinar 3: Keeping Key Leaders at Critical Times 

    September 27, 12pm – 12:45pm ET


    As the pandemic evolves, many longtime leaders are weary, yet their organizations need their experience and skills more than ever. The 2023 Gallup State of the Global Workforce report shows that 51% of employees are keeping their eye out for a new job. How can you retain your top talent when so many are seeking a change?

    Join CEO and Founder Kate Ebner to explore proven strategies to re-energize and re-enroll your leaders. Kate will share best practices for rejuvenating yourself and your team and how to spark fresh thinking about retention in the new (often hybrid) workplace. She will feature five strategies you can use to help yourself and your leaders shift from exhaustion and depletion to renewed energy and commitment.


    • Warning signs that a leader is a flight risk
    • Insights about what helps – and what doesn’t – when it comes to retaining talent in the post-pandemic era
    • Five ways to help your leaders regain personal and professional momentum

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