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    Webinar: Creating a Culture of Belonging

    Presenter Kate Ebner, CEO, Leadership Coach & Facilitator, The Nebo Company
    Kim D’Abreu, Leadership Coach & Facilitator, The Nebo Company
    Date Wednesday, June 12, 2019
    12:00pm – 12:45pm EST


    Creating a culture of belonging is about fostering an environment where every person feels “at home.”  Join us for a complimentary webinar featuring insights and discussion with Nebo founder and CEO Kate Ebner and leadership coach Kim D’Abreu, an organizational expert who focuses on the intersection of culture, identity and leadership.  Kate and Kim will discuss four cultural competencies strategies that can make a big difference in how people experience your company’s culture.

    This is the fourth webinar in Nebo’s Smart Strategies for Talent Development free webinar series.

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